Analyst Suggests Ethereum Will Massively Outperform Bitcoin As ETF Nears, These Two Altcoins To Record Bigger Gains

The recently approved Ethereum ETFs are soon going to be listed for trading which is likely to spur up the markets even more. As such, top market expert Lark Davis has set a bigger price target for ETH, suggesting that the leading altcoin will outperform Bitcoin in the next leg of this bull run.

Meanwhile, other market experts have identified top altcoins that are set to yield bigger gains. The analyst pseudonymously known as Bluntz has said that Floki is gearing up for escape velocity. Also, KangaMoon will lead the meme coin market with a massive price surge to $1 this year.

Lark Davis Makes Bold Predictions for Ethereum (ETH)

As the crypto community counts down the days until Ether ETFs begin trading, popular analyst Lark Davis has shared bold predictions for the two top crypto coins. According to Davis, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $150k this year, while the Ethereum price will set a new high at $15k, suggesting ETH will massively outperform BTC.

Based on Davis’ prediction, BTC could see a price rise of 2.2x from its current range while ETH will skyrocket by 4.1x for its new ATH. Davis is optimistic about his prediction as he suggests that the Ether ETFs will attract billions worth of investments into the leading altcoin.

KangaMoon (KANG) Set To Skyrocket To $1 This Bull Cycle

Ethereum massively outperforming Bitcoin has been predicted to set the stage for an altseason, and KangaMoon (KANG) is one of the top altcoins to look out for. KANG has already increased by 400% this year to peak at its current price of $0.025, but analysts suggest that the altcoin can rally as high as $1 before this bull cycle ends.

KangaMoon is now the number 1 trending project in the meme coin market because of the disruptive ecosystem it is creating. KangaMoon brings not only fun into the meme coin space via its play-to-earn game and metaverse known as Kangaverse, but also includes opportunities for its users to build a steady stream of passive income.

Within the Kangaverse, users can engage in several competitions and contests to win free KANG tokens and other exciting prizes. Alternatively, they can bet on these compeitions for a chance to win more prizes. KangaMoon also has a unique reward system operating on Social-Fi that allows users to earn based on their level of engagement with the project.

As a potentially disruptive project, there has been a ton of interest in KangaMoon, with investors contributing almost $7.5 million for its development. BitMart has also announced that it will join CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to list its KANG token. As the launch appears, crypto experts are optimistic that KANG can surge as high as $1, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Analyst Predicts Floki (FLOKI) Will Hit ‘Escape Velocity’ Soon

The analyst pseudonymously known as Bluntz has predicted that Floki (FLOKI) is one of the top crypto coins ready for a massive rally. According to Bluntz, Floki is forming an uptrending stair-step pattern on the daily chart, preparing the meme coin to reach “escape velocity soon.”

From the chart that Bluntz provided, it seems that the Floki Inu price could go as high as $0.00075 above the current price, which is a 200% price increase. But that’s not all; as the altseason heats up, Floki could extend its gains, potentially hitting $0.001.

Final Thoughts

The massive inflow of funds into Ether ETFs is expected to drive the price of Ethereum to outperform Bitcoin in the coming bull cycle. This sets the stage for an altseason where Floki and KangaMoon are two of the best cryptos to buy. While FLOKI could potentially hit $0.001, KANG could top off at $1, making it the better investment option.

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