Ankr Partners With Optimism to Launch Rollup as a Service for OP Chains

Web3 infrastructure development firm Ankr has introduced Rollup as a Service in partnership with Optimism. This service, announced at the OP Labs’ Onchain Summit in Istanbul, is designed to streamline the deployment of OP Chains for developers and businesses on the Superchain.

The collaboration between Ankr and the Optimism Foundation, revealed at the summit, brings Ankr’s technical capabilities to the forefront. This new offering focuses on an OP Stack-based L2, intended to serve as a dedicated channel for applications or projects, tailored to specific user requirements.

Ankr’s recognition by the Optimism Foundation as an official implementation partner underscores the trust placed in Ankr’s capabilities in facilitating the deployment of OP Chains to their potential users.

Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product, discussed the scalability of the new service and its potential to facilitate the creation of new L2s for enterprises or decentralized applications (dApps).

“The scalability introduced, along with the sheer ease of deploying a new L2 for every enterprise or dApp that wants one, will be enough to start cashing in on some of the earlier promises introduced by the industry. This is the maturation we need to make the next generation of use cases a reality,” Neuroth shares.

Tess Rinearson, Head of Product at OP Labs, commented on the integration of Ankr into the Superchain ecosystem, claiming that the new vector for the partnership is a “natural extension” given how Ankr has consistently provided top-quality Rollup as a Service through its reliable node infrastructure.

The Rollup as a Service expands Ankr’s existing Scaling Services suite, historically known for enabling the launch of custom sidechains across various blockchain ecosystems. This new service is designed to offer more scalability solutions for developers, aligning with the industry’s need for scalable, secure projects integrated with Ethereum’s security and token model.

Ankr continues to position itself as a comprehensive hub for web3 developers, offering tools and services to connect with over 40 blockchains. Their solutions range from dedicated sidechains and L2 rollups to custom blockchain solutions, encompassing RPC nodes, validators, block explorers, testnets, and liquid staking platforms.

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