Arbitrum (ARB) and Aptos (APT) Trigger Investor Debate, While Pullix (PLX) Sells Over 80 Million Tokens in Ongoing Presale

Two contenders, Arbitrum (ARB) and Aptos (APT) have sparked discussions among the crypto community. While these two compete in the market, Pullix (PLX) steps out of the shadow to boast about selling 80 million tokens in its presale. As it is now in Stage 7, experts have even pegged this altcoin as the next 100x token in Q1 of 2024. Let’s find out why.

Arbitrum (ARB) Announces New Orbit Expansion Program

Recently, Arbitrum (ARB) has made headlines. Most notably, Arbitrum announced the Orbit Expansion Program. With this program, users can launch their own Ethereum-settled Orbit chains (L2s or L3s).

The Arbitrum crypto has made quite a leap. Going from $1.33 to $1.70 in just a month is a big deal. Its market cap jumped from $1.71B to $ 2.16B in that time. Furthermore, the technical analysis of this altcoin is bullish, as 20 technical indicators are showing green.

This technical analysis and the bullish Arbitrum news have made experts predict a surge to $1.85 before February 2024 ends.

Aptos Price Prediction: To $200 Soon?

Meanwhile, crypto analyst Lee the Captain has made a bullish Aptos (APT) price prediction. According to his new YouTube video, the Aptos price may hit $200 soon.

The value of this altcoin has been moving a lot recently. CoinMarketCap data shows it has gone from $9.20 to $8.43 in the span of one week. Its market cap also fluctuated a little. Once, it had $3.05B, and other times, it went down to $2.83B.

As Aptos trades above its 21- and 50-day EMAs, experts predict it may trade at $8.77 in February 2024.

Pullix (PLX): Amazing Crypto ICO Event Performance

Pullix (PLX) has also caught attention. It recently announced that it has sold over 80 million tokens during its ongoing presale. Over 13,000 individuals are registered for this event, helping it raise close to $5 million.

This DeFi project is looking to change the game entirely by introducing a unique platform combining the power of CEX and DEX. This means you will experience deep liquidity, access to all asset classes (including cryptos), and more. This exchange is the main appeal of Pullix, but its team will also introduce:

● VaultX: A feature letting you earn compound interest on your cryptos.
● Lending Protocol: A lending protocol that creates money markets for borrowing and lending.

The PLX token will power all these features and serve as the main currency for trading on Pullix. By staking this token, you will earn a portion of Pullix’s daily revenue thanks to its “Trade-to-Earn” model.

In Stage 7 of its presale, the PLX native token costs just $0.10, but early investors have already seen a return of over 150%. Experts say there will be a 100x pump once this altcoin gets listed on big-name exchanges in Q1 2024. Since it has ties to the OTC derivatives market, valued at $618T by ISDA, this price prediction may come true.

Will Pullix Outpace Arbitrum and Aptos?

With its small market cap of $16M, Pullix is a potential game changer. In terms of growth, it could even outpace Arbitrum and Aptos. The lower capital requirement for Pullix to surge means more significant returns at a more rapid pace. So naturally, investors who want big returns fast are gravitating to this altcoin.

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