Felt Right Adds New Acoustic Tiles + Classic Wall Games

While we know what sound-dampening acoustic wallcoverings can do for unwanted noise in commercial spaces, the design and functionality of the solution keeps expanding. Felt Right’s tiles not only eliminate unwanted sounds, they can also help you improve your decor. It’s easy to think these felt wall tiles are best put to use in offices or public spaces, but there’s plenty of room to think outside the box. Decorate a child’s room, design a new headboard, or even create an art installation.

light grey and rust colored felt acoustic wall tiles

One recent introduction, Circular Tiles, adds three new shapes to the Felt Right family: a large half circle (12×24″), a half circle (6×12″), and a quarter circle (12×12″). Like all of their offerings, the collection was created to work within the system’s existing shapes and sizes, and is available in the full 35-color palette. This addition is especially good if you’re looking to create a mid-century or retro aesthetic in a space.

turquoise and blue colored felt acoustic wall tiles

Measuring in at 3/8″ thick, they absorb roughly 35% of the sound they come in contact with. Paint-safe and easy-to-install, the tiles can even be removed without causing damage. Perhaps best of all, Felt Right’s tiles are made from at least 50% recycled ocean plastic – four water bottles are kept out of our waste stream with every 12×12″ tile.

cyan and blue colored felt acoustic wall tiles

dark grey colored felt acoustic wall tiles

bright yellow, pink, orange, and purple felt acoustic wall tiles

bright yellow, orange, light blue, blue, dark blue, olive green, and light green felt acoustic wall tiles

mustard, orange, light blue, cyan, dark blue, and cream acoustic wall tiles

rust and mustard acoustic wall tiles

Felt Right has been fielding client requests for line work and patterning, so they created the Engraved Tiles collection. Broadening the horizon of designs further, the family includes seven repeats: Tangent, CrissCross, Knot, Converge, Offset, Topo, and Arc. With each measuring a 2′ square, the collection is ideal for large-scale, full-wall installations and for bringing texture into a space. Also available in Felt Right’s full color palette, Engraved Tiles expand the brand’s capabilities.

olive green acoustic wall tiles

“We are so excited to introduce this new collection that seamlessly integrates with existing shapes, allowing consumers and designers even more ways to transform blank walls into works of art, bringing color, warmth, and personality to every room in the house,” shares Felt Right founder Talley Goodson. “With 19 shapes and 35 colors – and counting – the possibilities are truly endless.”

magenta acoustic wall tiles

light grey and rust acoustic wall tiles

dark blue acoustic wall tiles

light grey and turquoise acoustic wall tiles

dark grey and white felt checkers game

Now for the fun we mentioned. Felt Right has introduced an interactive Wall Games collection that includes three of the classics: chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe. Each comes with a game board that’s ready to be affixed to the wall and inlaid game pieces that can be reused again and again. Chess and checkers game boards are available in standard (47.5×47.5″) and deluxe formats (with a 6″ outside border for affixing extra pieces). The tic-tac-toe board measures 36×36″.

dark grey and white felt checkers game

There’s plenty of opportunity to customize each game board using the brand’s palette of colors, and there are nearly as many places they can be used: family rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, classrooms, and even bars or restaurants. These are only a few – let your creativity run wild!

maroon and mauve felt checkers game

red, white, lime green, and white felt checkers game

orange, pink, white, and grey felt checkers game

red, white, and grey felt checkers game

turquoise and blue felt tic tac toe wall game

light pink and magenta felt tic tac toe wall game

light pink, orange, white, and dark grey felt tic tac toe wall game

To learn more about the latest from Felt Right, visit feltright.com.

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