Hinkley Point C update; September 2023 [–video]

The first reactor building will soon be capped with a giant steel dome

While Hinkley Point C is not set to start generating electricity before June 2027, two years behind schedule, there is still plenty going on.

The video shows how 10,000 workers a day are approaching the next major engineering feat, when Sarens’ Big Carl crane will lift the 245-tonne steel dome to close the first reactor building.

The camera goes several miles under the seabed to see the final stages in the completion of the cooling water intakes. It also shows work on the 50-metre tall turbine hall, which will house the world’s largest Arabelle turbine.

Work to fit the miles of cables, pipes and equipment is also well under way. 

Hinkley Point C is being developed by EDF of France with China General Nuclear as its junior partner.

On completion, the two 1600 MWe nuclear reactors of Hinkley Point C are expected to generate enough electricity to power six million homes.

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