ICP to Host Chain Fusion Day, an EthCC Side Event That Puts the Spotlight on the Future of Unified Web3 Experiences

Brussels, Belgium, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), a decentralized blockchain network that extends the functionality of Web3 by overcoming the limitations of traditional blockchains and smart contracts, is delighted to announce that it will host Chain Fusion Day, a full-day conference focused on unified Web3 experiences, on the sidelines of EthCC in Brussels.

Chain Fusion Day is set to take place on Wednesday, July 10th between 9:00 and 20:00 CEST at TheMerode. The full-day conference co-hosted by Arche Capital, G-20, Aviate Labs, and the DFINITY Foundation will bring together researchers, founders, builders, and investors dedicated to creating a more integrated and unified Web3 ecosystem. 

The hosts envision a world where multichain dApp development in a single environment is a breeze, blockchains seamlessly interact with each other, liquidity flows safely between Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other chains, and communities are united rather than tribal.

Jan Camenisch, Chief Technology Officer at DFINITY Foundation, said, “Chain Fusion Day embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration in the multichain and interoperability space. It’s an exciting opportunity to come together and build solutions that seamlessly connect diverse blockchain ecosystems. Join us as we pave the way for a more interconnected and decentralized future.”

The event will feature over 30 top-tier speakers from across the world sharing their knowledge and insights on everything from multichain DeFi to interoperability infrastructure, multichain AI and more. The day will start with a Founder’s Breakfast, followed by keynotes, panels, special guest appearances & much more. There will be sessions focused on:

  • ​BLOCK I:
  • The Power of Chain Fusion
  • Omnity – A Bitcoin Assets Hub
  • “ICP x Liquity v2: Autonomous Interest Rate Management
  • Chain Fusion: Unifying Web3 Experience
  • ​BLOCK II:
  • Build Locally – Scale Globally: ICP HUBS
  • Frictionless Multichain Voting for Ethereum DAOs
  • Decentralized AI in a Multichain environment 
  • Fused Friends: Cross-Chain Interoperability 
  • Olympus: Building Beyond Clouds
  • Bitcoin Restaking: A Catalyst for Web3 Innovation
  • Helix Markets: Multichain DEX Powered by Chain Fusion
  • Liquidity in a Cross-Chain Environment

The common Web3 pattern is to build applications from different blockchains, for instance Ethereum or Solana to store tokens, IPFS or Arweave for serving frontends, and Arbitrum or Optimism for the bulk of smart contract computation. The ecosystem has become complex as developers must adapt to various programming models, transaction costs, and settlement times.

​Chain Fusion simplifies multi-chain dApp development, making it as straightforward and native as building in a single environment. ​It unifies the Web3 experience across major blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, other EVMs, and soon Solana without any third party intermediaries. ICP smart contracts can read from and write to various chains, allowing developers to create contracts spanning multiple chains. Chain Fusion solves the fragmentation of liquidity and tackles tribalism in the blockchain industry.

To register for the Chain Fusion Day, please visit: https://lu.ma/ycx0it2u 

About the Internet Computer

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized cloud 3.0 protocol that allows developers to build and run services and enterprise systems directly on a public blockchain network with unprecedented scalability. Services running on top of ICP are tamper-proof and can natively interact with the outside world in a trustless manner, both with traditional web 2.0 services and with other blockchains. The fast, low-cost, and energy-efficient protocol establishes a new paradigm for how a decentralized network truly operates in web3.

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