Is Base Dawgz The Best Crypto To Buy Now As BASE Meme Coins Pump?

New meme coin Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) has kickstarted its presale today on Tuesday and is being tipped as the best crypto to buy now across news media.

Those include the likes of Finbold in the FinTech space and TheBitTimes which tracks new meme coin launches. Base Dawgz is indeed off to a strong start, raising over $200k in its first day – a sign of its high upside potential.

Owing to its multi-chain status and its innovative share-to-earn utility, it would not be a surprise if Base Dawgz captures the attention of crypto whales soon.

Ready to jump? $DAWGZ coming soon…

— Base Dawgz (@BaseDawgz) June 3, 2024

Base Dawgz – The Best Crypto To Buy Now?

Base meme coins have been the revelation of this crypto bull cycle. 

According to CoinGecko, the market capitalization of Base meme coins is now upwards of $2 billion. With Coinbase’s 110 million users, this valuation is expected to grow substantially. And yet, experts believe that investors are still early.

For instance, the Solana meme coin asset class has 2 tokens with over $1 billion valuation and 13 tokens with a valuation of over $100 million. In comparison, the Base meme coin asset class has only one token above the $1 billion market cap and just 3 tokens above $100 million.

The stage is set for a new token to capture the growing demand for high-potential Base meme coins and $DAWGZ could be the one to step up to the plate.

Considering that Brett – the top Base meme token – has rallied by over 150% over the past month, Base Dawgz could receive significant attention as the next coin that could replicate such explosive growth. 

While being native to the Base chain, $DAWGZ is a multi-chain meme coin. The new meme coin is also set to go live on Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. 

The project website highlights its multi-chain vision with its mission statement to “offer seamless interoperability across multiple blockchains, ensuring you can soar through the decentralized world without limits.”

Earn Free Crypto With Base Dawgz’s Innovative Share-to-Earn and Staking Utility

Base Dawgz is not an ordinary utility-less meme coin banking solely on hype for its upside. 

Instead, it is aiming to establish itself as the top Base meme coin, thanks to its innovative utility. 

For instance, Base Dawgz is introducing the novel share-to-earn concept, a way for investors to earn free crypto. They can share Base Dawgz’s content on social media in exchange for points. These points can be converted to $DAWGZ tokens after the completion of the presale. 

Not only can investors earn free crypto through this program, but their content will likely increase Dawgz’s social media popularity, resulting in more upside potential for the meme coin. 

Additionally, investors can stake their holdings during the presale and accumulate passive income. Notably, the presale staking feature is currently available only on the Ethereum chain. 

Base Dawgz has allocated a significant 20% of its token supply to its staking program and another 15% for more community rewards.

Interested buyers can visit the website or one of the official backup sites – including – and use the over-the-counter widget to purchase the meme coin. 

Owing to its multi-chain status, investors can buy the meme coin on five different chains and enjoy the salient features each has to offer. 

The $DAWGZ token is currently available at $0.00479. However, this price is set to increase in just over 6 days, thus incentivizing early buyers. 

Investors can also follow the Base Dawgz X and Telegram accounts to keep updated with the latest developments. 

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