Is Bitgert Coin the Cryptocurrency to Watch After Bitcoin's Halving?

Bitcoin halving is coming, and that puts pressure on all other altcoins as we look out for the next big breakout coin that gets attention from investors. The Bitgert BRISE coin seems a perfect crypto to start paying attention to for a big investment profit.

Gone are the days when altcoins were expected to do big numbers just from speculative drives. Now, crypto traders are paying attention to crypto assets that are driven by real-world use cases and can be sustainable over a long time into the future. The Bitgert BRISE coin checks all these boxes and looks like a coin that will be going on a long bullish run in the next couple of days after the Bitcoin halving.

Why do you need to keep a lookout for the Bitgert coin? It is about to change the entire narrative around crypto transactions, and that is a precursor for a rewarding investment. So, let’s look into how Bitgert is changing the crypto transaction narratives.

An Unbeatable Transaction Speed with Bitgert

With growing crypto adopters, speed is gradually becoming the sacrifice for digital transactions. Bitgert is currently leveraging a consensus algorithm that increases the speed of crypto transaction validations. With the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism that Bitgert is currently using, thousands of transactions can be validated and submitted in a split second. This is currently giving Bitgert BRISE a transaction speed of over 100,000 transaction speed per second.

Bitgert’s introduction of an incredibly fast transaction speed is a factor that is currently growing the demand for the BRISE coin and causing a rising popularity of the coin. 

Lower Gas Fees on all Transactions

Another challenge that has been causing a bottleneck lately is the crypto transaction gas fee. There is almost no meaning in a fast transaction that requires high gas fees to complete. Bitgert is currently resolving this issue by providing crypto users with a gas fee that is very close to an absolute $0 payment on every transaction. 

Bitgert transaction fees are almost unnoticeable on all transactions. This is because, while other networks charge $1 as the lowest fee (with some charging as high as $70 on a single transaction), Bitgert gas fee is below one dollar at all times.

Bitgert Ensures Higher ROI

One last point that puts Bitgert on top of the list of coins to watch after Bitcoin halving is its potential for higher ROI. This is because Bitgert has been returning a steady increase in rewards to investors for a couple of months now. it has had an accumulated reward of about 40,000% since it launched a few months back.

Bitgert can take your crypto portfolio to an interesting high in a few weeks. The halving will be here in a few days but Bitgert is already getting ready to take flight as the next big crypto project.

Learn more about the Bitgert BRISE crypto project.

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