Kraftwerk x Beautiful Losers: The Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks

German electronic band Kraftwerk’s origins stretch back to 1970 when Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider joined in Düsseldorf, Germany, to form something more akin to an art collective than a traditional musical act. The band wasn’t merely defined by the music they composed, but represented an entire innovative aesthetic, one merging an austere visual modernity that had many asking, “Are they even real?”

A collection of nine colorful skateboard decks from the Kraftwerk Collection displayed in a row, featuring blue, yellow, red, black, and white colors. Each deck is marked with text and graphics from the Kraftwerk album catalog.

Later joined by musician and artist Emil Schult, Kraftwerk’s identity would continue to be shrouded in a cloud of mystery, but also eventually solidify into a signature visual language synonymous with the cold, simulated celebration of the future of German infrastructure, robotics, futurism, and the digital age.

Fast forward to 2024 and the godfathers of electronic music have found a collaborator and booster in skateboard brand, Beautiful Losers. The Kraftwerk x Beautiful Losers skateboard collection is a tribute represented by a limited edition series of nine skateboard decks, each celebrating a different era of the band’s influential work from 1974 to 2017. Featuring graphics from Kraftwerk’s iconic albums, such as “Autobahn,” “Trans-Europe Express,” and “The Man-Machine,” the nine decks feature Kraftwerk’s signature avant-garde modernist and Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic and are stamped with the year connected with each album.

Two blue skateboards with white text and graphics are part of the Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks. One features a highway symbol and the words "Kraftwerk Autobahn." The other has small text reading "Kraftwerk Autobahn 1974" and "Blufff Lovers.

Two yellow skateboard decks from the Kraftwerk Collection. One features a computer and "Kraftwerk Computerworld" text. The other has identical text and "Beautiful Losers 1981.

Two yellow skateboards from the Kraftwerk Collection. One features a red radioactive symbol with the text "Kraftwerk Radio-Activity," while the other showcases "Kraftwerk Radio-Activity 1975" and "Bruisers Losers."

Two black skateboard decks from the Kraftwerk Collection. One deck features four sketched heads with the text "Kraftwerk Techno Pop." The other deck has similar text and reads "1986 Skateboard Limited Edition.

This collaboration coincides with Kraftwerk’s nine-night residency at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where the brand will perform each of their studio albums in sequence. This unique event and the skateboard collection together celebrate the band’s enduring legacy and their impact on both music and visual art.

Skateboards as wall art have been a thing amongst skaters and non-skaters alike for awhile now, and these decks hand-dipped in lacquer are most certainly intended for display rather than taking out onto asphalt. Given the limited nature of this collection, these skateboards sold out immediately, thanks to its connection to Kraftwerk and also its association with the influential skate brand.

Two red skateboards from the Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks are displayed side by side. The left one features pixelated figures and the text “Kraftwerk: The Catalogue.” The right one has text “Kraftwerk,” “The Catalogue 3D,” and “2017 Skate Dolls.”

Two skateboard decks from the Kraftwerk Collection are displayed side by side; the left deck features a black and red design with the text "Kraftwerk: The Man-Machine," while the right deck is solid red with text and logos.

Two white skateboard decks featuring artwork and text for Kraftwerk's "The Mix." One board showcases an illustration of a robot dance moves, while the other includes text such as "Kraftwerk," "The Mix," and "1991." Part of the exclusive Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks.

Two skateboard decks shown side by side. The left deck features a design with cyclists on a red, white, and blue background while the right deck is plain white with black text detailing "Kraftwerk Tour de France 2003". This pair is part of the exclusive Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks.

Two black skateboards are displayed, part of the Kraftwerk Collection Skateboard Decks. Both feature white graphics: one has a helmeted face with "Kraftwerk" and "Trans Europe Express" text, while the other includes "Kraftwerk," "Trans Europe Express," and "Deutsche Autobahn" text.

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