Living Vehicle CyberTrailer Adds a New Sharp Angle to Glamping

So let’s say you’re a new Tesla CyberTruck owner and you have every intent to use your audaciously brutalist-styled EV as the automaker has confidently advertised: off city streets and out across the great outdoors in search for adventure. If so, you might want to start budgeting as the CyberTruck will soon have a capable camping companion in the form of the $175,000 Living Vehicle CyberTrailer.

A sleek, futuristic electric truck with angular design tows a modern, compact CyberTrailer in a dimly lit environment, with headlights illuminating the way.

We can only imagine what the CyberTrailer interior will look like since Living Vehicle has yet to share a peek, but the camper in all likelihood will share more than a passing semblance to the brand’s HD24 trailer’s layout noting their similarity.

Living Vehicle released only a handful of preview exterior shots of the aerodynamic CyberTrailer luxury camper ahead of its eventual official launch, but it’s enough to surmise the trailer will share a similar, though not perfectly aligned, roofline resembling the EV truck’s sharply divisive profile. The Living Vehicle trailer’s roofline is less severely angled than the CyberTruck’s steeper windshield, but visually the effect results in a complementary pairing. In all likelihood, the angles reflect a balancing act required to improve the aerodynamics of a large and heavy trailer while leaving enough headspace for occupants within. Tesla claimed the CyberTruck’s drag coefficient figure would deliver an impressive 0.34, and that number was mostly validated in recent wind tunnel testing (the boxy behemoth produced an impressive drag coefficient of 0.384). Add a trailer in tow, and that number will surely change. Suffice to say, it will be interesting to see how that number is affected once the CyberTrailer’s specs are finalized.

A sleek, modern CyberTrailer with extendable side panels is illuminated in a dark, foggy environment, showcasing its streamlined design and spacious interior.

Of course, the California-based luxury RV maker is marketing the CyberTrailer toward the Tesla Cybertruck owner, but the company also make clear their upcoming RV is designed as a truck agnostic option, with Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and other conventional half-ton gas and diesel vehicles all welcome for the long haul.

A modern, angular CyberTrailer with illuminated red and white lights sits in a foggy, dark environment. One side of the trailer is extended open.

Side view of a modern, sleek CyberTrailer with a rear deck, illuminated by headlights in a dark, misty environment.

Top view of a dark-colored, CyberTrailer-inspired modern architectural structure illuminated by surrounding lights, displaying geometric lines and flat surfaces.

Front view of the futuristic CyberTrailer, featuring an angular truck design with illuminated headlights and a sleek, minimalist appearance against a dark background.

The obvious allure of the CyberTrailer will be its design. Yet it might be additional pragmatic features like the trailer’s ability to operate off-grid using 100% solar energy, alongside its built-in water extraction system that turns moisture from the air into potable water, that might convince EV drivers to take the plunge.

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