Materica Launches Their Inaugural Collection of Beguiling Boiserie

Aqueous, iridescent, and sometimes enigmatic, metallic surfaces speak a venerable material language across myriad of applications. From the gilded molding found in Parisian interiors to the decaying tin ceilings of New York’s postindustrial discotheques, these precious panels build new architectural realities as they marry art and envelope. Materica – a premiere, luxury coating manufacturer out of Italy – adds to this storied history with its inaugural launch of decadent boiserie under the creative direction of Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda. Entitled the Superfici Venice Collection, this captivating assemblage is further enriched by design talents Matteo Cibic, Serena Confalonieri, DRAW Studio, Antonio Pio Saracino, STORAGEMILANO, and GuardiniCiuffreda Studio, who crafted signature styles out of the iconic medium.

A modern living room with deep blue walls, green armchairs, a gray sofa, a glass coffee table, and two standing lamps near a large window.

Belle Nuit by GuardiniCiuffreda Studio in situ

A modern living room with gold-accented walls, a gray sofa, a glass coffee table, and a marble floor, illuminated by two standing lamps. Large window reveals an outdoor view.

Caigo by GuardiniCiuffreda Studio in situ

Some 40 years in the making, Materica has moved from trusted industry partner to fully realizing proprietary products. And while this debut marks an evolutionary moment for the Venetian brand, it also serves as a celebration of the company’s craftsmanship, inextricably linked to the territory’s production prowess.

Materica Superfici Venice Collection 13 STACK by Antonio Pio Saracino

STACK by Antonio Pio Saracino in situ.

Materica Superfici Venice Collection 14 MEDINA by Serena Confalonieri

MEDINA by Serena Confalonieri in situ

The profusely detailed, metallized modular system is fashioned from wooden boards that undergo high-speed castings and micronisation. Pure metals combine with oxidation, laser etching, resin coating, and natural pigmentations in alchemical processes to yield graphic patterns seemingly carved in low relief. Brass, bronze, copper, nickel, silver, aluminum, and zinc dazzle in a kaleidoscopic fantasia as users mix and match varied widths and finishes within each series.

Materica Superfici Venice Collection 12 STACK by Antonio Pio Saracino

STACK by Antonio Pio Saracino

Slightly suggestive of Cubism, STACK utilizes the accumulation of forms and stratification as panels are assembled to create three-dimensional striations. Gentle lines, bold curves, and undulating volumes create a sculptural interior membrane. The height of the panel is customizable with several permutations up to a maximum of 400 centimeters or roughly 13 feet.

Close-up view of reflective, metallic, vertically-aligned surfaces with geometric edges and light reflections.


Surface geometry transforms vertical modules into a sheet of prisms that create an environment awash in a spectacle of light and shadow. The clean lines and harmonious proportions complement a myriad of modern interiors and provide the utility of diffusing light. Every corner turned across each successive sheet, available in four widths, offers a new opportunity for perspective and reflection when engaging PRISMA.

A close-up of a metallic wall with circular patterns of raised dots arranged in rows, featuring both polished and matte finishes.

MEDINA by Serena Confalonieri

Equal parts charming and mysterious, MEDINA boasts beauty rooted in ancient East Asian cities referencing studded doors through its geometric patterns. Additional burgundy pigmentation lends depth and sophistication like a full-bodied wine. The timeless designs are available in 12 panels of varying dimensions and styles that offer a near-infinite number of combinations.

A detailed close-up of glossy, gold and black metallic tiles arranged in a wavy, overlapping pattern.

SIPARIO by Matteo Cibic

Bold, burnished metallic flounces add an incredible amount of theater to any space outfitted with SIPARIO. The curious form portrays a moment frozen in time as curtains pause their motion allowing onlookers to explore every fold and drape. Depending on how one might catch it, the trompe l’oeil relief effect deceives the eye as much as it enchants, casting spells on all who behold it. Drama increases exponentially with every singular sheet added in a series.

Close-up of a reflective metallic surface featuring several circular, concave indentations, giving the appearance of distorted reflections.

MAGIC MIRROR by Draw Studio

Art and design engage in a romantic tryst to conceive MAGIC MIRROR. Draw Studio references the works of Anish Kapoor distilling it through their lens for a delicate and fresh interpretation. The concave surfaces, sinuous curves, and sometimes ambiguous-looking oblong shapes create an air of mystery when standing in its presence. Available in three modular sizes, panels can be alternated for increased dynamism across any surface.

Close-up of a metallic surface with an intricate, grooved geometric pattern featuring large semi-circular and arched lines.


At the eyes of the beholder, PATH’s labyrinthine layout seduces observers to embark on a sensorial journey tracing lines across its surface. This graphic motif is far more than decor, expressing carefully calculated movement as if to follow one’s stream of consciousness. With a variety of 18 panels, fluid lines can abruptly shift to changing currents and create interesting moments of visual vibration.

Close-up of a patterned wall featuring square tiles with intricate floral and geometric designs in varying shades of gray and white. The texture of the tiles appears metallic and reflective.

LEVANTINA by GuardiniCiuffedra Studio

Trading warp and weft for luster and opacity, textile tradition is reimagined as this boiserie in a new material story that continues the longstanding tradition or surface pattern design. Akin to aesthetics achieved with a loom, LEVANTINA recalls the Asian silks that portrayed velvety flowers and sinuous ribbons. Three modular panels can be alternated for couture composition.

Close-up of a metallic surface with curved, parallel grooves creating a reflective and textured pattern.

LAGUNARE by GuardiniCiuffedra Studio

Like water, metal has memory taking on shape as it is assigned or flowing across objects to produce malleable surfaces or meandering flow around them. LAGUNARE is inspired by the Venice Lagoon marrying the marine element with modern lines for four modular panels. Together, the finish and pattern enhance reflection for the amplification of light in celebration of interior space just as the canals illuminate Venetian architecture.

Materica Superfici Venice Collection 11 CAIGO by Guardini Ciuffedra Studio

CAIGO by GuardiniCiuffedra Studio

Perhaps the most narrative driven and romantic of the offering, CAIGO embodies the soul of Serenissima – a reference to ghost fleets of the maritime republic’s past. The metal’s material performance is subverted, nay enhanced, to articulate opacity and create a liminal space where optical illusions blur the line between this world and the next. Alternating any combination of the four ombré-like panels available harkens to a gentle, ethereal fog rolling in over the water.

A close-up of a metallic perforated surface with a pattern of evenly spaced circular holes, creating a textured and reflective effect. Light and shadows play across the surface, adding depth.

BELLE NUIT by GuardiniCiuffedra Studio

Continuing to build on the aquatic motif, BELLE NUIT draws the onlooker’s gaze into the gently lapping blues and blacks that create a jarring amount of depth on its surface. Intense, mysterious, and sometimes brooding, this colorway looks to foster quiet and contemplation. Rippling waters or complete calm, the four organic surface patterns available can be mixed and matched to stage any level of desired intensity.

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Photography provided by Materica.

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