New Altcoin Priced Below $1 to Outperform Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) has been hitting the headlines lately after its value started rising again towards the end of 2023. The most bullish analysts predict that by the end of 2024, Solana (SOL) could go as high as $400 per coin. While those would be some good gains, there is another coin that crypto analysts have set their eyes on Pandoshi (PAMBO). They believe the token has the potential to outperform Solana (SOL).

What Is The Pandoshi (PAMBO) Project?

The presale of Pandoshi’s cryptocurrency has swiftly captured the crypto community’s attention, amassing over $3 million in just a few weeks since its inception. This notable success highlights the project’s escalating interest and promise within the crypto space. Currently navigating through its fourth presale phase and on the brink of entering the fifth, there’s a growing anticipation for a surge in the token’s price, signifying a critical achievement for Pandoshi and its advocates.

Pandoshi distinguishes itself from the typical offerings in the meme coin category by presenting a comprehensive, decentralized digital ecosystem. It upholds fundamental blockchain principles such as decentralization, the protection of financial privacy, and a governance model propelled by the community, showcasing a deep grasp of blockchain technology.

Central to the Pandoshi ecosystem is a Layer 2 network that employs the Proof of Stake protocol, serving as a greener alternative to the traditional Proof of Work systems. Its ecosystem is diverse, comprising decentralized exchanges, a secure wallet that doesn’t require custodianship, captivating Metaverse gaming, educational platforms, and crypto-friendly prepaid cards, all operating without the need for conventional KYC checks.

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PAMBO, the pivotal token within Pandoshi’s financial ecosystem, is ingeniously crafted to become increasingly rare, primarily through a buy-and-burn mechanism. This approach is aimed at significantly boosting PAMBO’s value, with the potential for exponential growth.

Out of the 2 billion PAMBO tokens minted, half are reserved for the presale, while the rest are set aside for ensuring liquidity on various exchanges and supporting marketing endeavors.

Pandoshi’s innovative strategy involves a commitment to drastically curtail the total supply of PAMBO tokens, highlighting its deflationary aspect and augmenting its value and scarcity over time.

A landmark achievement for Pandoshi is the introduction of the beta version of the Pandoshi Wallet on the Google Play Store, with an iOS version expected to follow shortly. Achieved during the presale phase, this development has significantly bolstered investor confidence, evidencing the project’s capacity to fulfill its pledges ahead of schedule.

The strategic release of the wallet at this pivotal moment underlines the team’s dedication to reaching significant milestones, thereby bolstering trust in Pandoshi’s strategic trajectory. The wallet’s compatibility with EVM-compatible and non-EVM chains is a notable attribute, emphasizing Pandoshi’s aspiration and preparedness to become a leader in the fast-paced crypto industry.

In essence, Pandoshi’s deliberate application of a buy-and-burn model and its initiative to reduce the overall PAMBO supply are strategic efforts to enhance the token’s rarity and value, offering promising prospects as the ecosystem continues to evolve.


PAMBO tokens are currently on sale for just $0.008 per token. However, analysts predict an astronomical rise of 100X once the tokens launch. They base their projection on the upcoming use cases for the tokens. These use cases will organically drive up demand. 

Coupled with the deflationary mechanism built into the project, their optimistic view on PAMBO tokens is quite accurate. It could surpass Solana (SOL) to become the shining star of 2024.  

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