Privacy-Focused Web3 Ad Platform AdEx Integrates AI-Powered Targeting & ZK-Proofs

Web3-native advertising platform AdEx Network has announced a major platform revamp that integrates innovations around artificial intelligence and zero-knowledge-proof privacy protocols. The updated platform is designed to help Web3 companies better target more traditional audiences in the Web2 world. 

AdEx is an emerging rival to legacy online advertising giants such as Google and Facebook, offering a decentralized and programmatic ad platform with enhanced privacy and user control. By using cryptographic ZK-proofs for ad-matching, it ensures that all of the data it relies on for targeted advertising remains in control of the users who generated it. Users can choose if they want to share that data or not, and if they decide to do so, it will be obscured using ZK-proofs, meaning they can remain anonymous while seeing more relevant ads. 

The way it works is that the ad-matching process happens on the user’s device, where there data is stored. That information never leaves the device, and the advertisers can’t actually see it themselves, other than to know that the user is likely to be either receptive, or not receptive, to a specific ad. 

In other words, no advertiser can use AdEx to create an extensive database of internet users, unlike traditional ad giants do. 

But why would anyone agree to share their data in the first place? Well, the beauty of AdEx’s Web3 platform is that it’s willing to reward people for doing so. By agreeing to let advertisers use their web browsing data, they’ll earn cryptocurrency rewards. Users can select the kinds of ads they’re willing to see, so they won’t be spammed by stuff that doesn’t interest them. They can also grow their rewards by staking the token they receive, $ADX, to earn an additional passive income. 

AdEx’s new platform includes AI capabilities that helps to optimize ad targeting and budgeting for advertisers, provide insights and aid in campaign creation, and an AI-powered real-time bidding tool to help advertisers enhance their operational efficiency and stretch their ad budgets further. 

With today’s update, AdEx said it’s offering reduced ad campaign fees to advertisers, who will be charged just 4% when paying with the $ADX token, instead of the usual 7% fee. There’s also a deposit incentive, with advertisers who put more than $10,000 in their accounts receiving a 30% bonus, meaning they can increase their ad budget by almost one-third. 

The redesigned platform also integrates with “supply-side platforms” to expand available ad inventories, and there are expanded payment options, with advertisers also able to pay in $USDT, $USDC and $DAI stablecoins, as well as $ADX. 

In addition, AdEx’s platform is also launching on the Polygon network for the first time. Polygon is a blazing-fast “Layer-2” network that’s designed to scale the Ethereum blockchain, offering faster transaction processing times and much lower “gas” fees. 

The updated platform is all about enhancing value for advertisers to meet the evolving needs of the digital ad industry, AdEx said. 

AdEx was founded in 2017, when it launched a more traditional advertising platform, only to quickly pivot when it saw the potential of Web3. The company is the creator of the popular “smart” digital wallet, called Ambire Wallet, which leverages new capabilities in Ethereum to support easier user onboarding and digital asset management.

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