Zentu Genesis Crosses 100 million ABBC Milestone in No Time

As a part of ABBC 3.0, Zentu commenced its network genesis allocation on January 15, 2024, initiating the first phase of the exchange, allowing ABBC to be swapped to ZENT at a 1:1 ratio. In a matter of weeks, Zentu Genesis has already surpassed 100 million ABBC exchanged for ZENT.

The Zentu Genesis platform is exclusively designated for ABBC holders, enabling them to acquire their preferred quantity of ZENT through a streamlined process. Subsequently, holders can claim their accumulated ZENT from the platform over a structured 3-year vesting period.

Through this platform, Zentu aims to expedite the adoption of ZENT. To facilitate this, Zentu has reduced the gas fees associated with each transaction and improved the transaction speed for exchanging ABBC to ZENT.

The utility of the ZENT token plays a crucial role in achieving various objectives within the Zentu ecosystem, particularly concerning the diverse features and applications offered by Zentu.

For the uninitiated, Zentu is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled decentralized application that offers personalized AI companions tailored to user preferences via chats. This privacy-centric, blockchain-powered ecosystem facilitates image generation and social media integration within a secure and controlled environment.

Zentu exceeds the limitations of traditional chatbots with features such as custom image generation, personalized communication, and adaptability to individual needs. This approach sets Zentu apart and fosters meaningful interactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

This privacy-centric chatbot utilizes anonymized social media integration alongside the security of blockchain technology to safeguard data and interactions. In doing so, Zentu employs advanced technologies such as Stable Diffusion and Vector Databases.

In simpler terms, Stable Diffusion is a technology used for image generation wherein user preferences are transformed into realistic visuals, pushing the boundaries of AI-powered image creation while ensuring the discrete and secure handling of information.

On the other hand, Zentu utilizes word embeddings and vector databases to capture nuanced context and sentiment, enhancing its chat functionality. This ensures dynamic conversations that mimic human interaction intricacies, making interactions meaningful and adaptive to emotions and intentions.

With this and several other features, Zentu aims to offer personalized AI companions for enhanced interaction within the digital realm, and to achieve that the network genesis allocation is a pivotal stepping stone. 

To participate in Zentu Genesis, interested individuals can visit https://zentu.com or refer to the user manual https://genesis.zentu.com/zentuUserManual.mp4. Additionally, follow Zentu’s social media channels and join the community https://t.me/zentuofficial to stay updated on the latest.

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